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About Us

Event Marketing Solutions was founded in October 2000 with the objective of providing innovative methods for clients to take their message direct to target audience with mobile exhibition vehicles.

The vision has proved popular and over time demand outgrew what our premises could facilitate. We required an advanced operations unit for accommodating, servicing, maintaining, developing and manufacturing our vehicle fleet, and in 2017 moved into our new state-of-the-art production unit. With that, EMS Production was born.

Our advanced production unit vastly improves our manufacturing ability and our added value for clients, allowing our EMS Production team to focus on what they do best - utilising our design and build ability and experience to engineer first class mobile exhibition vehicles for EMS Roadshow and EMS Healthcare.

This also provides a direct channel for other mobile exhibition trailer manufacturers and marketing agencies to partner with us for developing vehicles for their clients.


Why we do it

Because we believe that amazing happens face to face

  • Stronger personal relationships
  • Richer and more memorable experiences
  • Clearer, more targeted communication