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Client: The Marketing Store
Brand: Adidas

We were approached by leading consumer engagement agency, The Marketing Store, to install a 360° four-sided immersive unique LED audio visual cube into one of our vehicles...something that had never been fitted to a mobile exhibition trailer previously.

Engaging retail space and experiential product experience which would deliver brand awareness was also required as part of the consumer experience.

Additional to the 3D cube installation was the challenge of minimising downtime with vehicle set-up. This was a very complex project which demanded high-level expertise to make it a success.

How we did it

EMS Production created a bespoke frame system to build the cube to specifications provided by leading AV providers, White Light.

For the ultra high-resolution LED panels to perfectly install into the cube, it was imperative the build was precise and only a 2mm framing tolerance was permitted for the light-frame aluminium enclosure. 

With our first-class experience of engineering complex vehicle fit-outs, we created an internal build which significantly reduced set-up time by over 50% to just three hours. This included audio visual testing of the cube to ensure it was perfect every time.

Additional solutions we provided...

  • An unforeseen eleventh hour contractual hitch, resulted in the replacement of a footballer featuring on the internal and external graphics only 24 hours before the vehicle went on the road. EMS Production worked around the clock to complete the required update.
  • We transformed our production facility into a film studio overnight for the filming of a social media teaser for the event.
  • Our team assisted The Marketing Store with wind loading requirements for the outdoor product demonstration structure.
  • Detailed power calculations were completed to ensure the on-board generator could cope with both the 3D cube and also the external activities.

See the results this tour delivered to our client on our Adidas roadshow case study.

The project was a huge success, demonstrating that with a brilliant concept, and collaboration with the right partners, exceptional results can be delivered.

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