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Client: Bosch

Bosch required our services with improving brand awareness of their four key divisions and approached us to discuss how we could fit-out one of our vehicles to present their Smart Living product range to a targeted demographic.

Time was in short supply from client brief to vehicle launch, and it was crucial our team could install a variety of Bosch Smart Living products within a homely environment both internal and external to vehicle. Products included a fully-fitted and operational kitchen, boiler and fireplace.

Weight distribution was an important factor and we had to harness all our expert knowledge and experience to keep both transportation and vehicle set-up time efficient.

How We Did It

The mobile exhibition vehicle was commissioned for two years to operate at Summer county shows. This was a perfect fit for Bosch's family-targeted demographic.

The vehicle's on-board generator provided ample power supply to operate Bosch's range of hi-tech Smart Living products.

A big challenge was fitting the kitchen, which provided an engaging on-board food cooking and tasting experience on event days. Movable panels were applied to assist with safe and seamless instillation during vehicle set-up.

In creating an enjoyable and comfortable family environment, detailed preparation was required on vehicle set-up days. A support vehicle was dispatched to events with additional staff to keep set-up time minimal. Display and outdoor furniture materials were scrutinised to ensure they were as lightweight as possible for aiding efficiency of set-up speed, while remaining durable and of utmost safety for visitors.

See our video to get a flavour of how visitors enjoyed their experience, or for more details, see the results this tour delivered on our Bosch Smart Living Roadshow case study.

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