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Client: EMS Healthcare

EMS Healthcare owned an underutilised vehicle which they commissioned EMS Production to design, develop and build into a mobile medical unit that could be used for providing additional mobile endoscopy procedures for clients.

A challenging aspect of the mobile decontamination unit manufacturing was in ensuring all government HTM and JAG accreditation guidelines were adhered to throughout the design and build.

Our technical knowledge and experience, plus our focus on completing the project on schedule, shone through in developing a functional and spacious mobile decontamination unit for EMS Healthcare to supply into the healthcare sector.

How we did it

We sourced and installed state-of-the-art Cantel RapidAER reprocessors for completing decontaminations on-board the vehicle. A 25 micron filter was added for continuous clean water supply into the reprocessors, and a loop manufactured to transport water from the RO (reverse osmosis) container. This was powered by two 63 amp PSU's which were installed at opposite ends of the mobile medical unit.

The RO system was equipped into a 40ft container, integrated into the mobile decontamination unit and connected to the vehicle's fire alarm. With regular access to the RO container not required while the vehicle is in use, CCTV and water sensors were installed and set to trigger an alarm to warn of any water level issues. To meet client requirement for a fail-safe RO system, an additional water supply was included to protect from any unforeseen issues.

To provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing vehicle, a bright internal finish was designed with a colour coded system for clean, dirty and passageway areas. LED lighting and CCTV cameras were fitted to provide additional security, and fresh paint was applied externally in-line with EMS Healthcare brand guidelines.

We were able to provide the mobile decontamination unit for EMS Healthcare on schedule, and met all HTM, JAG accreditation, Health & Safety, and fire safety requirements.

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