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Client: King Abdullah Foundation
Lead Agency: The Brand Experience

Having had extensive experience of building vehicles for the Middle East market, we were appointed by The Brand Experience Agency to produce a specialist mobile exhibition vehicle which imaginatively captured the life, achievements and values of the late King Abdullah.

The vehicle needed to travel to multiple destinations across Saudi Arabia to showcase a plethora of high-value treasured items, artefacts and photographs belonging to King Abdullah for the public to cherish and enjoy.

The combination of the high temperatures experienced in Saudi Arabia, the security of some of the priceless items on board the vehicle and the exacting standards required by the Royal Family provided several challenges for our design and production teams.

How We Did It

With an incredibly short lead time of 12 weeks to the first event in Saudi Arabia and a looming Christmas break, our production and graphics team worked tirelessly day and night on the internal fit-out to maximise efficiency. All the interior walls of the vehicle were sprayed overnight to ensure we matched the exact gold colour reference supplied by the client. Cooling fans had to be added to the display cases to ensure a positive airflow to help preserve the high-value artefacts and items on display.

We utilised our knowledge of space planning to ensure we met a perfect balance between showcasing hundreds of artefacts and providing a unique visitor experience. This included the design and installation of a large high-tech interactive LightWall for educating visitors on King Abdullah's life achievements and stories.

Two winding stainless-steel ramps were built and installed to seamlessly guide visitors in and out of the vehicle, which concluded with specially installed video booths for visitors to record their stories and memories of King Abdullah.

We deployed a specialist team to Saudi Arabia to oversee the first build of the vehicle and the installation of the artefacts. The high level of quality engineering and planning involved in making this project a success cannot be understated. You can find out more about the results of the tour on our EMS Roadshow website.

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