EMS Production

Initial design consultation

At client consultation stage we provide expert input and knowledge to ensure client requests are achievable and deliverable within budget and timescale. When a brief is signed off and we are ready to proceed, the first step is de-rigging the designated vehicle so it is in prime condition to begin mobile exhibition trailer manufacturing. This includes all Health & Safety and cleanliness checks.


Once our team is briefed on client requirements, we source the best materials for the job. A number of factors are considered such as vehicle weight; ease and speed of set-up; durability of materials; and cost-effectiveness for client.

Expert planning and multi-tasking is required in delivering for clients and this is where our knowledge and experience comes to the fore. Our team collaborate to simultaneously provide exhibition trailer manufacturing for alternative clients, and have several factors to consider in ensuring we produce on schedule and within budget.

Our trusted contractors also play a key role with certain aspects of projects, such as electrics, flooring, plumbing, metalworks, acrylics and upholstery. To maintain efficiency, we carefully plan with availability of contractors, as their capabilities are required across multiple vehicles and projects.

All project requirements are very different and flexibility with utilising both our workforce and contractors is important in providing desired results for clients.


Our outstanding production team work in unison and their varied skill-sets compliment one another brilliantly. Both our team and our contractors bring synergy to projects with an end goal of delivering quality on time and cost-effectively.

The high-level of knowledge and experience they bring to projects, combined with their unwavering positive attitude and commitment to quality earmark the team as experts at what they do.

Ongoing evolution

The learning never stops at EMS Production.

We are always discovering alternative techniques and providing new client solutions. Whether this is with finding a cost-effective method of safely completing a project; improving production speed; or adding value to your mobile exhibition trailer, we always strive to be exceptional.

Our improvement is an ongoing evolving process, which continually develops our quality standards.

Health & Safety

The welfare of all who access our vehicles is paramount and we continually check quality control and Health & Safety compliance.

Fire Safety regulations are always adhered to with vehicle production. Our Electrician rubber-stamps our power calculations and makes sure the on-board generator can safely handle power requirements. All electrics are also checked and an electrical safety certificate is provided once safety is confirmed.

Without the completion of these inspections, we will not deploy our vehicles for clients. This is where planning is vital in ensuring there is no delay to our vehicle checks and that they are available to clients on time and on budget.

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