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What is an exhibition vehicle?

An exhibition vehicle is manufactured and produced to create a bespoke marketing vehicle which is used for promoting and communicating products, services and messages direct to a target market.

Mobile exhibition vehicles production

Our highly skilled team collaborate their outstanding experience and qualities to provide the best solutions for clients. We always strive to produce your mobile exhibition vehicle efficiently and cost-effectively.

From initial client consultation through to final vehicle delivery, our team ensure your projects remain consistent with brief and that we achieve outstanding results for clients. We make client requirements a reality and help them meet their tour objectives.

Find out more about our exhibition vehicle manufacturing process here.

Mobile exhibition vehicle sizes

We specialise in the production and manufacture of mobile exhibition vehicles which are utilised by clients for a range of communication events such as employee engagement, product demonstration tours, experiential marketing, and mobile medical solutions.

From our extensive vehicle fleet we regularly re-fit, manufacture and design to create mobile exhibition vehicles that meet client specifications and objectives. Our smallest vehicle has capacity to host 20 guests with an internal space of 23m². Our largest vehicle can host up to 80 guests and boasts an internal capacity of 71m². You can compare sizes and capacity of our vehicle fleet here.

At our production facility we also have the capability of refurbishing existing vehicles. If you would like to speak to us about producing a mobile exhibition vehicle for you, or assist with refurbishing your existing vehicle, please get in touch.

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