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Design And Build

From sketches

When working with a new client, we don't just decide what the mobile exhibition unit design look like, we really get under the skin of a business and understand them as a brand. We scrutinise in detail - what does the client need from bespoke exhibition trailer design and build? By thinking about the business challenges, target audience and site destinations, we design mobile exhibition units that can be a real asset to a business.

Once our research stage is complete, our design team put together concepts and sketches, with the best moving forward to be visualised.

To visuals

From the exterior graphics, surrounding event space, interior layout and product placement, our visual designs are incredibly detailed and our expert team are thorough and creative while working with technical aspects of your project.

During the visualising process, we spend time on the details, such as materials to be used, lighting and the overall vehicle design feel. By creating a visual that is as accurate as possible to how the bespoke exhibition vehicles and event space could look, our clients can make informed decisions before we go ahead with manufacturing your mobile exhibition units.

And then Reality

When it comes to the design build, our team of highly skilled experts make the visuals a reality. Due to the spaces we create, the technical capabilities the team have ensure that every aspect of the vehicle is to the highest standard. Planning of mobile exhibition vehicle space is critical to the operational costs and it is important to get this detail correct.

Every space we design and build is completely unique, but one thing that each one has is a huge impact wherever they go. Our roadshow truck designs make heads turn and provide experiences that people remember, whilst always staying true to the core purpose and brand ethos.

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