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Knowledge And Experience

Our experience of working closely with a diverse range of clients over the years has given us solid understanding of what it takes to provide refurbish exhibition trailer refurbishments specific to customer requirements.

Exhibition trailer refurbishments are complex. Partnering with a knowledgeable manufacturer not only helps ensure a quality finish that you are proud of, but also protects from any unexpected, and costly, issues from occurring during your tour.

We are empathetic towards your operational costs. Most clients draw on our experience with operating and setting up mobile display vehicles, though some prefer to do this themselves. Whichever is preferable, we are skilled in providing training to ensure you are confident in operating your vehicle safely.

Should you require any additional help while on tour, we always have a team ready to travel out and assist you, wherever you are worldwide.

Vehicle Weight Awareness

Our exceptional understanding of managing interior vehicle weight is crucial in operating your exhibition trailer for a few reasons...


Guaranteeing visual excellence while distributing the weight of your vehicle safely is a big consideration of ours. We are thorough with our assessment of this throughout production.


Ensuring internal fit-out is safe and secure when in transit prevents damage. We make sure internal materials can withstand tough road conditions and remain perfect when you arrive at your destination.


A consideration often overlooked by manufacturers is the cost and time it takes to set up exhibition trailers. We will always strive to ensure the vehicle can be set-up safely, and within two hours by one person.

Quality Finishing

The attention to detail and creativity provided by our in-house finishing really helps our vehicles stand out from the crowd. We also feel it is important to be flexible, and are always keen to partner with marketing agencies for alternative design concepts. 

We believe your exhibition trailer graphics should look as perfect at tour conclusion as it does at the beginning. Some of our clients' roadshow tours need to last for several years and maintaining visual quality throughout is crucial.

Critical to this success is the selection of the right materials and how the interior is constructed. We work with clients and their design agencies to ensure that the unique forces and movement experienced in display vehicle are factored into the final design.

A factor that is often overlooked by other manufacturers is the impact of extreme temperatures when the vehicles are in transit. We have experience of building and fitting out vehicles that cope with the gruelling Nordic winters to the baking Arabian sun.

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