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Service and Maintenance

Look After Your Vehicle And Your Vehicle Will Look After You

With over 30 years’ experience of operating display vehicles in over 50 countries we understand how costly a lack of a regular exhibition trailer maintenance regime can be. This must not be confused with the statutory exhibition vehicle maintenance that is required every 13 weeks for the vehicle chassis and braking system.

We will provide you with a detailed exhibition trailers service schedule that will ensure your exhibition vehicle is kept in first class condition and you don’t end up with large unexpected bills.

All our exhibition trailers service and maintenance packages fully comply with our ISO 9001 Quality Management system. 

Service Schedule

With annual checks required on all electrical and hydraulic systems, we combine this opportunity to check all elements of our vehicles and ensure everything is lubricated, sealed and operating correctly.

We supply all customers with a monthly checklist which guarantees any issues are reported and quickly resolved, minimising additional cost and downtime on the vehicle.   

To support our customers that can’t return exhibition vehicles to our base we have an accredited list of suppliers throughout the MENA region and the ability to dispatch our technicians anywhere in the world to support our exhibition vehicles service. 

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